Our Mission

I fight everyday for all Texans. All Texans deserve the full promise of the American Dream, access to the ballot box, quality education and, a community where they do not live in constant fear of authority. This is why I fight. I fight so that all communities will be represented in D.C., Austin and, locally by Democratic leaders who stand for their neighbors' interest- not "Special Interest". 


What We've Achieved

  • Increased voter turnout

  • Built, and continuing to do so, a strong collation that will lead us down the pathway to victory

  • Increased precinct chair membership

  • Established a comprehensive training program

  • Developed an apprenticeship program for political professionals

  • Increased online presence

  • Reached areas throughout the County that have not been worked in over 15 years.

No one appreciates more than I do just how demanding and difficult the County Chair’s job can be. Deborah has handled the job with skill, grace, and enthusiasm. She deserves our support. She certainly has mine.
— Steve Maxwell, immediate past chair (Tarrant County Democratic Party)
If you want to turn Tarrant County Blue, then you need to support Chairwoman’ Peoples efforts to do so.
— Emad Salem, State Democratic Party Executive Committeeman Senate District 10
You can count on Deborah to lace up the boxing gloves and fight every day for our Texas Democratic Party Values and that is why I support her!
— Jesuorobo Enobakhare Jr - State Democratic Party Executive Committeeman Senate District 12
Deb has what it takes to energize and mobilize voters to take back our community!
— Elizabeth Beck, Democratic Organizer