I'm Done Being Nice

October 5 · 

It’s Friday so more random thoughts and yes warning this will
be offensive to some

Yesterday I posted about elected officials and community leaders who work in direct opposition to the communities they were elected to represent. I did not name names as it was not meant to “out “ anyone but to make them think about the impact of their actions. I received many comments from people asking me to name them and for those of you who did I DELETED your comment as my post was not a public shame board

I also received comments from those who said we should work across the aisle. I do not disagree with that as I believe in building consensus but The other side of the aisle does not want to work with us.

So today I am going to double down on my condemnation of mayor Betsy Price. How can you be a woman and not be affected by the testimony of Dr. Ford? So many women both Democratic and Republican and independent have come forward on their Facebook pages to talk about the trauma of assault. And 45 goes on a national rampage to defame the character of Dr. Ford and it’s crickets from Many Republican women. Nothing from Kay Granger or Betsy Price or Konni Burton or any republican female elected official in Tarrant County. As a citizen of Fort Worth To me, Betsy Price’s alignment with Donald Trump makes her complicit in his treatment of women. And then there’s SB4.... her vote against joining the suit against it was tantamount to saying I agree with trumps assessment of the Latino community. I could go on but I need to talk about Greg Abbott

For all of you who are out there campaigning hard for Beto Abbott has now entered the fray to denounce Beto and Laud Cruz! Here is a man, Beto, who is working to bring all Texans together and here are two men Abbot and Cruz who are building a campaign based on fear and division. There could not be a bigger contrast

And then there is Konni Burton who is so far to the right that moderate Republicans Run from her. And yet we allow her to come into our communities when she has done nothing but vote and champion with The far, far right on issues that keep our communities whether white, or Asian, all black, or brown or .....(you name it) struggling.

We need to stop pretending that the policies in Washington and in Austin don’t impact us here in Tarrant County. They do and for us to pretend that we are living in a bubble and the things that these Republican do can be excused by saying oh Tarrant County is not Austin or Tarrant County is not Washington will not cut it anymore. So to those of you who say I have Republican friends I do too but my friends crossed over and voted against bullying, against degrading women, for public education etc. etc. etc. if you stayed on the other side and voted for Donald Trump knowing the kind of human being he is can you proved you aren’t interested in working together. If you stayed silent about Dr. Ford You are agreeing to the debasement and degradation of women across this country. And I cannot condone that.
I will not condone that!

I am fighting for all of us